Bio – Teilissa Tua

I was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii where volleyball is a way of life.  I started playing in 5th grade and instantly loved it.  I began playing for IMUA volleyball club in 7th grade and never stopped.  I transitioned to play for Hawaiian Style Volleyball club during high school and then was blessed with the opportunity to play on a scholarship as a Middle Blocker and throw hammer for the Track and Field program at Saint Martin’s University for four years.  I continue to play indoor reverse fours, outdoor, and a little bit of sixes volleyball whenever I can.  After graduating from Saint Martin’s University with my bachelor’s degree of Science I began working at ProActive Sportsmed as a Physical therapy aide and applying for Physical Therapy school in hopes of one day achieving my Doctorates of Physical Therapy.  During my time playing I’ve coached for two years with Ohana Volleyball Club as well as participated as a coach during many clinics held by Saint Martin’s as well as back at home in Hawaii.

Volleyball has been a great passion of mine and I always look forward to any opportunity to coach and help others get to the next level of the sport.  I believe that self discipline, hard work, and positive attitudes go a long way.  I think the mental side of volleyball is very important whether it be in a game or during practice, attitude determines your altitude in this sport and in life. The basics are most important, without a good foundation in your skills you leave room for bad habits.  It doesn’t matter what level you play at, it’s always a good idea to go back to the basics.  When nothing else works, keep it simple and the rest will come.  I love positive motivation and pushing the athletes around me to play their best every time they step on the court.

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