Bio – Sean Draper

Sean Draper (Coach | Director)


Sean grew up in El Segundo, CA where his love for the game started playing indoor volleyball in junior high and high school and would spend his summers playing beach volleyball.

In high school he moved to Spokane, WA where he played 2 years on the Spokane Juniors Volleyball Team, 2 years playing various Adult Club Volleyball teams and 2 years as the President of the Eastern Washington University Men’s Club Volleyball Team.

He also has helped out coaching at the high school and college level at Joel E. Ferris High School, Spokane Falls Community College and Eastern Washington University.

“I view coaching as simply teaching and the athletic experience and volleyball court is where I want players to become to be the best version of themselves they can be.  It is my job to give the players the tools and empower them to challenge themselves on a daily basis to get better by 1% every chance they get.  It is also about relationships the ones formed around this sport of volleyball should last a lifetime.  Giving your absolute best, trust, showing integrity, sacrificing for others and even failure are an integral part of this game and life in general.  Watching players set goals and accomplish them are truly rewarding and the opportunity be apart of something bigger than themselves is what club volleyball is all about”

Sean has experience playing every position been involved with volleyball for 26 years and coached club volleyball the last 6 seasons

2010 / 2011 — U12 National Team

2011 / 2012 — U15 Silver Team

2012 / 2013 — REACH U14 Green Team

2013 / 2014 — REACH U15 Green Team

2014 / 2015 — REACH U13 Green Team

2015 / 2016 — REACH Skills Coach

2016 / 2017 — REACH 14 Blue

2017 / 2018 — REACH 15 Blue / 17 Green

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