Bio – Peter Warring

Peter Warring  |  Head Coach

Peter Warring has been playing indoor and outdoor volleyball around the Puget Sound region for 20 years at a variety of different levels. He has coached multiple volleyball teams in the last ten years from U13-U17, primarily at Mt. Baker Middle School in Auburn and Aylen Junior High in Puyallup.

This will be his 6th season coaching for REACH (U15, U16 & U17) and he is excited about building a program with passionate coaches, supportive parents, and motivated players. Warring’s teams have qualified to compete at the PSR Bid Tournament in each of the last three seasons, which features the top teams in the region.

Warring, a University of Washington graduate, also teaches middle school in Auburn, where he advises a state and nationally recognized student newspaper.

COACHING PHILOSOPHY: “Aside from spending time with my family, there is no other place I would be than in a volleyball gym. So many lessons can be learned between those lines in competition: perseverance, dedication, focus, trust and humility. Along with their individual development as physically and mentally tough athletes, I encourage players to develop as caring, selfless teammates.  With coaches and players keeping each other accountable, we all can maximize our potential and reach our goals. I love motivating young people to be better every day, a skill important on and off the court.”

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